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Popular destinations for weekend trips

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Germany (74)
Austria (30)

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Ideas for your weekend trip

A weekend trip to Hamburg

Enjoy the sights and museums, as well as the exciting nightlife of Hamburg

A Short trip to Lake Neusiedl

Relax from everyday life and find cozy hotels for you and your group

A weekend trip to Amsterdam

Discover Amsterdam from the water

EA weekend trip in the nature

Visit the beautiful nature in Bavaria. We recommend Nördlingen, Schönberg or Oberstdorf

A short trip to Vienna

Enjoy a Wiener Schnitzel, the wine taverns and the many museums in Vienna

A weekend trip in the winter

Visit Sapün or Engelberg in Switzerland for a beautiful winter experience

A warm swim in Carinthia

Find a nice picnic spot with a fire pit at Lake Wörthersee

A boat tour in Rostock

Reach Rostock from Berlin and enjoy a breathtaking boat trip in the beautiful region

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8 tips for planning your stay

  • Check accessibility by bus or train first
  • Consider wether you want to visit a city or the country side
  • Determine whether you want to take your pet with you
  • Find a suitable group accommodation for your weekend trip
  • Organize a daily schedule for excursions
  • Check if the hotel has a bus parking lot
  • Consider participants' budgets
  • Plan your desired meals with the hotel

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