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Ideas for your vacation

Holiday hotels at Lake Wörthersee

Enjoy a nice stay and swim in one of the best summer regions of Austria

Holiday hotels at Lake Constance

Discover beautiful all-inclusive holiday hotels in Langenargen for a relaxing holiday

A bus trip to Tyrol

The ski regions become hiking trails in summer! Take the bus to Innsbruck or Kitzbühel and enjoy the mountains

Holiday hotels on the Moselle

Treat yourself to a glass of wine in the Trier wine region

Swimming in Switzerland

Visit the most popular holiday regions such as Graubünden and Ticino

A boat tour in Koblenz

Experience Koblenz like never before and relax in a holiday hotel with a balcony or terrace

Vacation hotels in Norderney

Find beautiful holiday hotels with lounges and bars on the beautiful East Frisian island of Nordeney

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Tips for your group vacation

  • Make sure to plan with enough time in advance
  • Determine whether you want to visit a city or country destinations
  • Überprüfen Sie, ob die Destination gut erreichbar ist
  • Find an appropriate group hotel for your vacation and special needs
  • If you use public transport, check if you can get a group discount
  • Find a date that works well for all participants
  • Think of a daily program for excursions
  • Find out if the hotel offers leisure activities

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