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What customers say

  • Bachelors | 21 people | Amsterdam

    "With tripmakery we found the perfect group accommodation for the stag night of a friend in the centre of Amsterdam. Everything was great!"

    Maximilian Hofer
    Consultant from Vienna
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  • City trip | 15 people | Prague

    "I often do short city trips with my friends. It is hard finding group accommodations for more than 10 people on e.g. tripmakery was a blessing and helped us a lot."

    Christian Schulz
    Computer Scientist from Karlsruhe
    Portrait photo of Christian Schulz
  • Round trip | 17 people | Brandenburg

    "Organising a journey for a large family is a huge task. So it is perfect to have a reliable partner which helps with obtaining offers and makes everything easier."

    Maximilian Feldinger
    Retiree from Salzburg
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  • Company trip | 140 people | Berlin

    "I've organised already many group trips. With tripmakery it was very easy and uncomplicated. Also the support was very helpful. Thank you!"

    Melanie Repolust
    Event Manager from Vienna
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  • Club | 38 people | Munich

    "Talking to every single hotel to receive an offer if often underestimated. With tripmakery all was done within 2 minutes. Highly recommended."

    Robert Pertschy
    Consultant from Düsseldorf
    Portrait photo of Robert Pertschy
  • School trip | 24 people | London

    "As a teacher, the booking of a group trip often depends on the approval of the parents. tripmakery helps to receive offers which makes the process of decision faster. Very easy!"

    Ulrike Kletzander
    Teacher from Vienna
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Bristol for school trips

Bristol is especially popular for school trips, as the accommodations offer everything that is often needed for a successful school trip:

Accommodation amenities

  • Group rooms (1 accommodations)
  • Internet (20 accommodations)
  • Bus parking (1 accommodations)
  • Distance to centre < 3km (19 accommodations)
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We are at your service, when you need us

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Our customer support team has many years of experience working in the travel industry and will help you on every question.

Frequently asked questions

What does tripmakery offer?
With the service offered by tripmakery, groups are able to easily request accommodations and receive exclusive offers. As soon as an enquiry is sent, appropriate accommodations get notified to create fitting offers. The manual search of hotels for your group is a thing of the past.
Is the enquiry really without obligation?
Yes, everything is without obligation. By using tripmakery, customers won't have any obligation.
How can this service be offered for free?
Automation. tripmakery does not have any stationary branches, it is only available online. Thereby lots of costs can be saved, costs which traditional travel agencies often have.
How do you earn money?
Commission. We connect accommodations with new customers, therefore we are going to receive a commission. For the tripmakery customer the price won't change. The price won't differ in the price which will be offered by the hotel. Rather our customers will receive discounts, free rooms and many other advantages.
Is my personal data protected?
Yes. All communication will processed via HTTPS. Additionally, tripmakery never asks for your credit card information or other bank related details.
I have a question/problem/feedback
Write us an e-mail or class us at +49 30 568 378 57
How much does this service cost?
It is for free. The service offered by tripmakery is for free and without any obligation.
How can I send an enquiry on tripmakery?
By using our Enquiry wizard We collect all the necessary data of your trip e.g. destination, date, number of nights, group size etc.. Based on this data, accommodations will be selected and notified to create an offer for your group.
How can I change my enquiry?
Currently an enquiry can only be changed by contacting our support team. Support:
Is there a minimum group size for an enquiry?
There's no limitation on the number of people.
Who can use tripmakery?
Every kind of group. tripmakery is often used by companies, clubs, schools, sports teams, families or friends.
Is it possible to send an enquiry for flights/busses?
No. Transfers of any kind are not offered. Also holiday homes or group homes are currently not available on tripmakery.
What types of accommodations are offered?
Hotels, guest houses, hostels, B&Bs, Aparthotels. We cannot send offers for mobile homes, cottages, holiday homes or campsites.
How can I book a holiday home or group house?
Unfortunately holiday homes, group houses or holiday flats are not part of our portfolio.
Do you offer package tours or round trips?
We do not offer packaged tours or round trips. Packaged tours often don't fit for groups because their needs are too individual.
What exactly does the offer include?
The offer contains, depending on the requirements, overnight stay, board and (if needed) amenities like conference rooms, sports fields etc.. Every offer contains a detailed description of what is included.
Is it possible to change an offer afterwards?
Depends on the availability of the accommodation. Please contact our tripmakery support
Does the offer include meals?
If your group requires meals (breakfast, half-board, full-board), accommodations will offer it, if it is possible. All prices are stated within the offer.
Is it possible to request group activities?
No. activities is not part of the offer. With tripmakery you can only request accommodations for your groups.
By which criteria accommodations get selected?
Various criteria. Size: the accommodation has to have enough rooms. Location: the accommodation has to fit the groups needs (distance to the city centre etc.) Price: the accommodation has to fit the groups budget. Characteristics: the accommodation has to fit the groups needs (school classes will have different requirements than companies for example).
Is it possible to block rooms until I have made a decision?
In most cases, yes. There are also non-binding offers where no rooms are blocked. Whether rooms are blocked or not is stated in the offer.
How much time do I have to decide on booking an offer?
It depends on the specific offer. In many cases rooms will be blocked for 14 days. You can find the offer deadline on your tripmakery dashboard.
How does the reservation work?
After completing the reservation on the tripmakery website, your will get the booking confirmation. The booked accommodation will be notified automatically and will receive your contact details in order to finalise the reservation and sign the booking contract with you.
When and where do I have to pay for the reservation?
Depending on the accommodation, either on-site or as payment in advance. The payment is made between supplier and the guest. tripmakery is not involved in any payment.
How long can I cancel my reservation for free?
Every accommodation specifies their cancellation policy on their own. You'll have enough time to rethink your reservation because many accommodations offer free cancellation for a long time. Further information about cancellation can be found in the offers you will be receiving.
Do I need a credit card for my reservation?
Our service is for free, therefore you need no credit card. However each hotel has it's own payment policies, which you will find your offer details.
What means of payment can I use?
Depending on the accommodation. Mostly group accommodations are very flexible.
Do I have to make a prepayment?
Depending on the accommodation and is different from reservation to reservation. Accommodations have their own conditions for payments.
With whom do I make the reservation?
The reservation is set between your group and the accommodation. tripmakery is only acting as intermediary.